Monday, December 31, 2012

Not Another NYE Blog Post...

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Yep… it is… 

Everyone on FB is saying great things… the year past was fantastic… and the year ahead… going to make it great!.. I totally agree (well not with the past year part - a large portion of ours was rather sucky)… but looking forward and making 2013 our best year yet… Just like everyone else we've got big plans… big hopes and dreams… It shouldn't just be looking forward with excitement because it's NYE… We should hold onto this all of the time… hahaha how chachi does that sound?.. but really though… who doesn't want to feel great and excited for what they're going to be doing!?. now sustaining it is the challenge!..

I've read one of Erin Kelly's FB posts about a yearly ritual… when taking down and packing away the tree she writes a letter to herself that she'll see next year when she takes the tree out again… 

"One of my favorite traditions, is an annual letter I write to myself. I started it in 1994, before I really understood goal setting. It is essentially a letter to my future self, inspired by the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I pack it away each year with the Christmas tree. That way, next year, when I am getting ready to decorate for the holidays, and listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album, and drinking chai eggnogs, I get to read, reflect and re-commit to anything I might be struggling with, and celebrate the successes I've had.

The day I take the tree down, is the day I write the next letter. It is an amazing and tangible way to track your annual progress, and celebrate all the wonderful things a year can bring. It will also teach you, over time, that all the things you might be worrying about today are just cluttering up your mind, because odds are, one year from now, those things will be insignificant."

Yep… I just took a big fat quote from Erin Kelly's Facebook Page...  In the New Year now I'ma follow up with a post about Erin's Goal Setting and Achievement Seminar that Colleen and I went to a few weeks back… really good shit… for reals!..

I'm big on this goals thing since her seminar… and thinking "what I'm doing right now  - is it moving me towards achieving my goals?.." I've got my goals set and am ready to take on 2013 and make it mine!.. How about you?..


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