Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Hai!..

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Lamest blogger ever?.. all I've been doing lately is working and sleeping... I didn't even post pictures of the blue velvet cake I baked last weekend!.. BUT its finally a long weekend!..  Chris and I were up fairly early this morning... and then on the road by 10:30ish... we picked up some road snacks and headed out for a little road trip!.. It was bitterly cold again today but it was bright and sunny...  we headed down south to Longview to visit Pam at Wow and Then and to see what treasures she had in store...

There were a few pieces that I had my eye on... but these are what I picked up today... there are a couple things that I'll be heading back for... 

Two beauty milk crates!.. Love them!..

Oooo... and I drove part of the way to Longview.. AND then part of the way from Longview to Nanton...

This evening after a trip to the grocery store with neib Amy I'm heading back up to the sewing room to continue straightening it out so I can get in there and get creating... There are a few things I want to make... stay tuned!..


  1. you drove?!?!?! A step towards getting your permit renewed??

  2. What great finds, love old milk crates.

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Oh the permit has been renewed for awhile... just have to practice more and then attempt to get my license...


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