Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fuzzy Plants... And Some Baking...

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We took it easy today... only venturing out to the nearest shopping area to pick up another storage tub so I can store things under the spare bed and free up some space in the sewing room...  while we were out we found these fuzzy little tropical plants... I though that four would fit into the lion head planter that I picked up from Pam's yard sale this summer... but I always over estimate the size of that planter... it fits two nicely... so I had to find homes for two others... the first time I saw these little fuzzies was at this blog...

I love her giant soup tureen... perhaps that's why I always think my pot is larger... because hers can hold so much more!.. 

So what to do with the other two little fuzzy tropicals?..  If I had some dainty teacups I would have planted one in and put that under a bell jar... but I have no dainty tea cups... though I love them... I'll have to start picking some up here and there...  I do have a few glass jars... see above!?.  It is its own little green house is there...  

And then the fourth I stuffed into this large Jewel Jar... it was a little tedious... but totally worth it...  It sort of reminds me of old crafty books from the 70's... I remember old books from the library about terrariums... I always wanted to have plants inside large glass containers... 

We also found this tiny palm... it's perfect under the large bell jar out in the front room... the white planter isn't quite the right shape but it was the best I could find today...  Perhaps some sort of milk glass sugar bowl...

After I cleaned up the mess I created when planting all these little lovelies I made another mess baking... with good results... I started with an Pineapple Upsidedown Cake... and then moved onto Buttermilk Cinnamon Rolls... they're both rather tasty... only the cinnamon rolls aren't the prettiest... so I have a couple snaps of the Pineapple cake...

I've made this cake twice now... it turned out great both times...  very light...

Ooo... Looks like tomorrow I'll be able to finish the carnation wreath I started months ago... red carnations are back in stock!.. and I want to do a little more baking... whoopie pies!..

yay for chill long weekends...

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  1. Pineapple Upside down cake is one of my favorites!

  2. I love your little planted jars, I always say, 'When in doubt, add greenery!'

  3. I love how creative you were with the containers you used for planting...great ideas!

  4. I love the idea of planting in jars. My mom had a terrarium when I was a kid & I loved it! I really love the dome you chose.

  5. Pineapple Upside Down cake is my hubs fave!!! Your little terrariums are darling!


  6. love the idea of planting in jars. I have some neat things to plant in but my bag of soil and spade are still buried under 2 feet of snow. pfft!
    great lookin cake too.

  7. Hi! I found you at My Romantic Home and am following you now. Love these little planters. I'm snowed in but when I can get out I think I'm going to go get some plants and potting soil. I need something green! Thanks for sharing. Come and visit my blog when you have time. Have a great weekend...Ann

  8. You've touched a special place in my heart with the Pineapple Upsidedown Cake. My mother who is no longer with us used to make it often. It's a family favorite. And I love your terrariums - so pretty! Happy Friday!

  9. I think that's such a great idea for your plants, and it looks great.


  10. So, does that work well? No problem with the water not being able to run out? Just wanted to check, because I can't keep plants alive.

  11. Hey Dakota Transplant!.. the little fuzzy plants are doing well so far... I noticed that the one in the apothecary jar is looking a little funny on it ends so I took the lid off so it could get some "air"... Its really dry here in Calgary so I think that helps with the lack of drainage in the jars... but its only been a week so I'll see how it goes!..

  12. Darling little plants- so sweet in the cloche and jar too! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  13. Love the plants .. one of the first things my husband and I did as a married couple 34 yrs ago was to plant someting in a glass container..thanks for the memories. I am a new follower

  14. Nice save, even if the white pot isn't exactly what you want. It looks great in the bell jar. Those plants are really fun. I have made pineapple upside down cake a few times and everyone in our home really enjoys it.

  15. What a great idea. I have some tea cups I've been wanting to plant something in, but I never thought of putting them under a cloche.
    Thanks for sharing ~ newest follower.

  16. Great idea for the jars! Funny, just yesterday I was looking at my empty mason jars that are on my deck in a milk basket wondering if I could plant something in them. I was afraid they would get too water logged. Did you drill a hole? Stopping by from DIY by Design.
    Scissors & SPatulas


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