Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chalk Board Wall...

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Yep… chalk board wall… whole… wall!… Last friday I was out in Banff with a pile of girlfriends for Mere's bachelorette… a time was had for sure!… when I got home on Saturday I was looking at the kitchen wall… and it hit me… why don't we make the whole wall a chalk board!?…  I said it to Chris and he was game!  we picked up the supplies and late on Sunday I taped it off… cut it in…

…stepped it in…

…then away with the roller… and two coats later it was perfect!…

…Chris suggested we get some more frames and hang up on the wall… I've been looking but haven't come across anything yet… for now we have the one we had up there back up there… 

…now I have to brag about how patient I've been ALL week… see… you have to let the paint cure for three days… three… then you have to "season" the wall before you write on it… 

…seasoning a surface newly painted with Rustoleum's chalk board paint means taking a piece of chalk on its side and rubbing it all over the surface… then wiping it with a dry cloth or chalk board eraser… I wanted to be sure this worked well so I picked up a chalk board eraser from Staples today…  rubbed it down all over and then chalk board erasered all over… 

When nothing is written on the wall it looks amazing!… I was concerned that it would look a mess…

…now I've not written anything on it yet…

But our supplies are all ready!… It's been a busy day of treasure hunting and house cleaning and I cooked a magnificent supper… if I do say so myself my best roast yet every other roast up until now has come out rather dry I kept my eye on and our thermometer in the roast to be sure it was cooked to perfection combine that with brussesls sprouts (with bacon) asparagus and smashed mini potatoes NOM!…

I've been craving some apple pie… or apple crisp now for a couple of weeks… so a quick baked apple after supper… NOM!… I feel like I could eat a dozen more… right now!… ha!… 

Last week before heading out to Banff Colleen and I made a quick stop at Winners… and she snatched up this skully blouse and was like check this out!… I bought it… didn't even try it on… luckily it fit!… hehe… 

Oh yes!… I mentioned treasure hunting today… I found a sweet table on kijiji last night… headed out this morning to pick it up and along the way stopped at two VV's… found some sweet little treasures!… two of which are the above bell jars!… I was pumped to find these… one was over a tacky plastic gold spinning clock thing… and the other over a brightly covered spinning Christmas carousel… only the bell jars were no longer attached!… when the girl rang them in I was like here… keep these bits… I only want the glass… They are the perfect size for the little mini roses we got a Sobeys!… Squeee!… More treasures were found but those will have to wait for another day… getting sleepy here now… need a little nibbly and a snuggle with my Pickle… hope you had a great weekend!… 


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  1. Lacey, the chalk board wall looks terrific! You're inspiring me to maybe do something like that in my kitchen one day :). I'd love to feature this on my paint color blog. You wouldn't have to do a thing, just let me know if you're interested!

  2. Your wall looks great!! We used to have a chalkboard wall in the basement. I stupidly painted over I am craving one on the wall between the kitchen and laundry room! Soon!

    Head on over to I have an Upside Down Apple Pie recipe that you will LOVE!


  3. Your wall looks great! Love the little container with the chalk and brush too.

  4. Looks amazing. I wish I had somewhere to put something like that. Now you just have to keep finding clever things to write!

  5. Love your chalkboard wall! I'm planning on doing our kitchen "backsplash" with chalkboard paint. Does the Rustoleum come in a roll on paint? I"ve only seen it in the spray cans and if so, where did you buy it??

  6. Thanks everyone!… I love getting your comments!

    Kathryn - Home Depot!… also check Rustoleum's website for a product locator ;)
    Heather - I'm researching things right now!
    Elizabeth - That little container was one of my VV scores while I was out thrift adventuring!
    Shaunna - OM NOM NOM NOM!… heading to the kitchen now to bake!
    Jena - I would be honoured!


  7. I love it! The wall looks terrific! I've been trying to find the right place to do a wall, I'm thinking the playroom, but I haven't fully committed. Love that you went for it!

  8. amazing wall - you are so brave. I keep thinking I'll do it, but haven't yet.

  9. Oh what fun to have a whole WALL dedicated to chalkboard creativity! You are so lucky!

    Good for you...

    hugs x

  10. Great job, I do love a chalkboard wall. I have a pot of chalk paint at home ready to be applied to a small wall section in my kitchen but for some reason I keep chickening out! This looks so awesome though, maybe I will summon the courage to just go for it this weekend. x

  11. I love the finished look of this. And it's nice you can write on it if you want ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


  12. So happy I stopped in...I love the chalkboard wall!

  13. Awesome wall! I love this look. I have one little wall I might try this on. I'd love it if you would link this up to my new linky party, "What We Accomplished Wednesday." It is live right now. Have a great weekend!


  14. wow, what a big difference. I haven't taken to plunge to a chalkboard wall but i'm dying to!
    Not sure if you have heard, but would love for you to come join our link party. We give away free ad space every week to one random link party-goer.

    1. Thanks so much for linking up last week, Lacey! You rock!

  15. I love chalkboard walls too, Lacey and looks like you had a great space for one! It's awesome!

  16. Wow everyone!… the love continues!… thank you for all the very sweet comments!


  17. Love it! I've been debating doing a wall in my kitchen and you've helped me decide! Thanks for the inspiration!


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