Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Bulbs...

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My Christmas bulbs are well on their way... the paperwhites are in full bloom... I love how they look... but they're stinky... not a great smelling flower...

...they're so pretty...

The three amaryllis bulbs... one is super tall... about to bloom... then there is one that is just starting to grow... then the third one is just getting underway...  I can't wait until these bloom... hopefully before this coming week is over at least one of them opens up!..

This weekend has just been go go go... Friday night we got home a little later than I was hoping from work... we had lots of little things to do because Friday night was our Christmas drinkie and nibblie night!.. everyone was arriving just as we were finishing setting up all of the nibblies so I didn't get a chance to take any photos...

Yesterday Furs and I braved the Chinook Mall... it was beyond intense there... next year I'm finishing my Christmas shopping during the summer!.. today... laundry and finishing the VERY last bit of shopping that I had to do!..

It's time to chill out and watch some Christmas movies with my Furbear... when he gets home from his last bit of Christmas shopping!..

Are you finished with your shopping now!?.  I hope so!..  It's time to rest... chill out from a busy 2011!..


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