Friday, August 23, 2013

Woolzies… A Review…

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It's dry in Calgary so you need to use a product in the dryer to keep clothing from getting super staticky… staticky - is that even a word!?… I'm sure you know what I'm saying…

I am trying to cut down on the number of chemicals that we use from day to day and trying not to use products that are harmful to the environment - and I've found Woolzies!… I got a pack of these babies to try out and here is what I think!

  I've tried the nubbly plastic dryer balls in the past but I didn't find them super - I'm not sure if they're recyclable when they start to wear out so more than likely they end up in landfills… so we've been using Bounce sheets… BUT I'm not a fan of the chemicals or the waste created from those… soooooo I can say that I LOVE WOOLZIES!… 

These little babies are soft and fun… fun as in you can bounce them off your fiancé's head and not injure him… well not too bad anyway :)

We also have hard water in Calgary… so I have also been using liquid fabric softener (unscented) as I found the hard water having an affect on our clothing… well with these we're cutting out fabric softener and bounce sheets… BAM!… two chemicals gone!… these little beauties are all natural… AND they save you money because they cut down on drying time!… BAM and BAM!

I waited until I used these on all of the different laundry that we do to get a good idea of if they really work as well as claimed - and I can say yes they do!  

The big tell was with the towels… I always need to turn the towels on for a second go around…  when I used these dryer balls they were dry after the first go!  

If you have a smaller load of laundry in you do hear some thumps and bumps now and then but nothing alarming or enough to cause a disturbance.  

Now get this - these babies are guaranteed to last 1000 loads!  On average we have about 4 loads of laundry a week… 1000/4 =  250 weeks/52 weeks = 4.8 years… 4.8 YEARS of use!… now there will be weeks with more laundry so let's say they will last us at least four years!… four years of not buying fabric softener and bounce sheets!  Four years worth of chemicals not being used on our clothing and not being drained back into the water system!… 

Yeah… I sat in front of the dryer and watched them bounce around for awhile with the laundry… haha…

Another neat thing that I just learned about these is that they're handmade - they're providing a steady source of income for women in Nepal!  

Curious about more facts about these?… check out the Woolzies FAQ

Help yourself and your family and the environment and get yourself some Woolzies!… head on over and order some up!


I received the product mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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