Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vintage with Flair!…

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A giant THANK YOU! to everyone who came out on Saturday... it was a great positive day… a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise grey sad weekend… 

Here is a recap of the sale!… 

Booth setup began on Thursday afternoon just before announcements started coming out about evacuations around parts of Calgary… it rained off and on down in Priddis… 
Check out my 709 Derby Girls T-Shirt!… just representing the girls back home is all!… 

Luckily I had rented a uhaul to bring all of my items down to the location!… I didn't REALLY realize how many items I had until we filled the uhaul AND our truck!…

A few weeks back I rustled up some vintage acme dingo daisy cowboy boots to go with the cream lace dress I picked up to wear at the sale… yeah… I matched my booth… 

The sale Friday evening was postponed...
Saturday we opened at 10 and it was steady until 3:30… and finished up at 4!… the day just disappeared!… I didn't stop all day!… 

I had a lot of positive feedback about my setup, items and pricing!… it was very encouraging…

As the sale started a little later than originally planned on Saturday I had an opportunity to breath… and to take some detail shots of things around my booth… some shots for the webpage that I have in the works… 

It was hard to part with the things I sold!… I really loved everything… luckily I know where a few of my favourite items have ended up so I will get to see them once in awhile ;)

I even have a few follow up clients that have been in touch since Saturday!… :)  I've got some exciting projects in the pipes so stay tuned for those!…

…burlap and doily pillow detail… 

…book page wreath - made with nothing but trashy romance novels… get in close and read something steamy!… hehehe

The doily bowls were not as popular as I thought they would be…  they're such pretty things to look at though!… 

…cigar boxes from Montana...

…shapely legs… 

…more legs!… 

…my favourite planter!…

…tea trolly hand painted tray… 

…my petite sweet dresser…

When all was said and done at the end of the day I had one the Best Overall Booth prize!  *squee!* 
A night stay at the Chimney Rock Bed and Breakfast!… 

Takedown was quick and pack up was even quicker… partly because my Pickle packed up the truck and partly because the items that were left fit in just the truck!… We were back home from the venue in no time!… 

…the sun was out to celebrate!… 

POP!… here's to many more successes!…


Party Time!


  1. How exciting to win the prize, have fun and sell a lot of your stuff. I would love to see your booth in person, but Calgary is a bit far from southern California.

  2. I am so happy I met you! I can't wait to see what you have in store. Your shop was awesome and the prices were too. I am still wishing I brought that dresser and salt box planter home. KICKING myself, but oh well. Can't wait to see you again, I got plans for us!


  3. It was so exciting to meet you! I just commented and it got eaten, so if this is doubled I am sorry. I am still kicking myself for not getting the dresser and the salt box planter. There were so many awesome things here, and your right, the prices were great too. Can't wait to meet you again,


  4. Art and Sand - it was so exciting!

  5. Brooklyn - it was awesome to meet you too! Just fired you an email - we have to get together soon for sure! :)

  6. I love your style! Your booth was absolutely beautiful, right up my alley! Too bad I live in Missouri, kinda too far away, huh? haha!
    I feel the same as you about not wanting to part with your creations... that's usually the hardest thing for me!
    I'm visiting you from the Manic Monday linky party, so nice to meet you!

  7. Sounds like you did great, and it at least in part had to do with our booth--it was great! Congratulations! ~Zuni

  8. very cool things!!! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us. http://thestylesisters.blogspot.com/2013/07/centerpiece-wednesday-and-happy-4th-of.html

  9. Congrats on winning the prize...you did have one charming booth...luv that little chest.


  10. Hi there...Found you on pinterest and am now following. :) I love your booth and pinned it to my Lovely Display board,,,,I have a little space in a "Variety Mall" in my home town and would like to do some shows...Maybe next summer?? Anyway...
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  11. Congrats on winning best booth! You certainly deserve it. Looks like it was a really great day! I popped over from The Shabby Creek Cottage--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  12. Congrats on your debut and having the courage to put yourself out there.

  13. Your booth looked amazing! No wonder you sold so much. I really like the trashy romance wreath! Great job!


  14. It's my first time visiting and I have to say you booth looked awesome! Congratulations on a great sale.

  15. Hi Lacey,
    Congratulations on your booth, sales, and the prize. Good for you!

  16. great booth space, love those burlap pillows!

  17. Lacey,
    Congratulations on your success!!!
    Your booth is (was) amazing, dear one!!!
    Personally, I love the doily bowls!!!
    Adorable from each angle viewed!!!
    Very inspiring!!!
    My personal favorite item are your Burlap & Lace pillows!!!

  18. I think your doily bowls are beautiful! Great booth and congrats on your win.

  19. Looks amazing!! You did a great Job! I did my first booth a couple months ago! Exciting and exhausting, but soo worth it! You can check it out at http://minettesmaze.blogspot.com/2013/05/gettin-ready-for-my-first-craft-booth.html

    Shelly@ Minettesmaze

  20. Nice job only thing is now you're likely hooked- the first show is seldom the last. Have fun with it and good luck.

  21. Your booth is so pretty! Really good job on the set up! Congratulations on your first success! Catherine

  22. Congrats on a good show and your win! Your space looks fabulous. Thanks for joining the Open House party.


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