Sunday, March 13, 2011

Relaxing and Productive Weekend...

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Furs and I couldn't stay awake long enough Friday night to watch even one movie!.. We caught up on a few PVR'd tv shows while we ate our pizza and then intended to watch a movie or two after... no such luck... we passed out!.. but we got lots of sleep... much needed sleep!..

Yesterday we ran out and picked up some hot tub chem that we were out of and I picked up a few supplies... chaulk board paint... metal primer... brown and gold paints and some brushes... 

The sun has been out now the past couple of days... it was so warm this afternoon that I got the windows open for a little while to let in some fresh air... it was lovely to have fresh air flowing through the house again... it gets so blah after all winter all barred up!..

 Anywhoo when we got home yesterday I kicked off my sneakers and headed into the house stoked to go work on a couple projects...  I turned around and looked back towards the front door and found the sunlight beaming in across my Chuck Taylors...  I had to stop and take a couple snaps... 

...well this:

...turned into this:

...then this:

..just a neat evolution that I felt the need to share... it was totally unplanned but makes a great little series... 

Remeber a few months back I found a pile of silver platters on kijiji for super cheap!?.  I'm going to make a few Silver Platter Chalkboard Displays... these things are all over the DIY blog world... this was the first project that I started to work on yesterday:

I used some Rust-Oleum Tremclad Rust Paint Water Based Primer in grey as you can see in the shot above... I put it on thick to help fill the etched pattern in the platter surface...  I let it sit over night and then this morning once it was dried I gave it a sanding to flatten out the brushstrokes... 

Then I broke open the Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint to find out that it had frozen during shipping to Home Depot... it was useless... so we ran to HD to return it... they had two other cans of the paint... the first one was also useless... but the second... luckily... was ok!.. 

Here it is drying... I brushed it on with a small brush... I was hoping that the paint would level out as it dried but it is still brush stroky... so I think a light sanding is in order before I put on another coat... and the next coat I will have to put on with a small roller... Hmmm... I'll keep you posted with the finish product!.. it'll need a day or two before I give it a light sanding... If you have any advice for working with chaulk board paint please share!.. I'm all ears!..

Yesterday after the platter was primed I begun workin on a shadow box assemblage... I pick up bits and pieces of papers that have been dropped and left behind and collect little bits and pieces of metal or intersting things like foreign stamps off of envleopes or small tickets and tags... then after awhile I'll build up an assemblage... check it out...

I picked up this plain shawdow box a couple years back at Ikea...

...yesterday it got a coat of brown paint...

...then gold paint...

...then for the assemblage... I started piling things up from the collection of bits and pieces I've been picking up and squirrling away now for about 8 years... woah... I didn't realize how long I'd been keeping some of these bits and pieces!.. haha... the clock faces were given to me a year or so ago now by our neibs A&B...

After a little shuffling around I had it...  then some glue here and there along with some sticky standoff dots and more glue and it was all tacked into place...  it made for some neat photos...

This last one is my fave.. 

I glued a few more pieces into the frame itself... the bell from my maternal Grandmother's budgie bird's birdcage from when I was little... and a plastic giraffe that my bestie Jirrian bought for me when we were in University and on a trip to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal!.. and that was it... I'm not sure if its finished yet... I think it might need more... perhaps something on the inside walls... And I just realized that I meant to find a wooden candle stick and some sort of same size as the candle stick finial... both to be painted brown and then gold... the candle stick attached as a stand for the box to sit atop... and then the finial for the top...

Last night Furs and I headed out for some Vietnamese Pho for supper... Mmm... and then we headed to visit a friend who is moving away... again we planned to watch movies once we were home... but it wasn't to be... Furs popped over to visit some of the neibs in one of their garages... the local watering hole for the residents living at this end of our street!.. and I fell asleep!.. perhaps we'll watch a movie or two tonight!.. 

...but first its time to finish the laundry with Furs and figure out what we're gonna make for supper... What did you get up to this weekend?.. make anything?.. bake anything!?.  Oh yeah... I finally finished the carnation wreath that I started back in October... check the post below this one... I've posted some snaps of the final wreath... and a link back to the tutorial!..

Ooo... I'm going to be making a spring cleaning list for the house... maybe while supper is cooking... I'll post it if anyone is intersted... I feel energized now that I can actually smell Spring in the air... I haven't been fooled into thinking that the weather will now be nice until next winter... I know the difference of that!.. We'll see more snow now before Summer actually gets here but at least now there is light at the end of the dark winter tunnel!..  Have you begun your Spring cleaning!?. 

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    Pamela :)

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